The HCC "Magazine"

This corner of House Church Central might be described as the "magazine rack." There is no particular order or rationale--after all, this is the magazine rack in a house, not a library. Just send articles to the WebServant for editing and publication as time permits.

Submissions must be original with the author and are to be considered royalty-free contributions to the house church community.


Just about anything remotely connected to the house church, cell church, small group, etc., can go here. Recipes, advice, things that have worked, things that have not worked, whatever.


These essays are not intended to pick any fights. They are designed to stimulate conversation so that we might all learn from one another. Responses can be via e-mail. Feel free to submit an editorial or Op. ed. piece.



A Prayer

Jesus, give me eyes to see and ears to hear the ways of you, Oh Lord!
Let me not be deceived, nor deceive,
but let me always walk in the way, the truth, and the light of you, Lord Jesus Christ!


Contributed by Jan Skrehot

HCC Magazine