Building Buildings
by James C. Schultz

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Copyright © 1998, James C. Schultz.

Why don't we stop building buildings
and take a neighbor out to eat.
Why don't we stop building buildings
and wash our sister's feet?
Why don't we just stop a minute
and look at how we spend God's time
Why don't we stop building buildings
and let God's love really shine?

1. Let's stop attending building meetings
and spend more time in prayer
reading our Bibles
and learning how to share
Lets stop talking about color schemes
and visit dear Aunt Clara
and while we're at her nursing home
pray with her roommate Sara.


2. Yes, lets stop driving nails
in shrines to pastor's names
and drive a nail or two
in a widow's window frame
Jesus said that we'd be known
by our love for one another
so while we wait for his return
lets start building up our brother.


3. Yes, lets stop pouring money
into bricks & stones and wood
& spend what God's provided
for our neighbor's good
Let's really make a difference
in our brother's life
and stop pouring money
into monuments to strife.


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