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Having a (free) MyHCC account on House Church Central gives one the ability to:

  • House Church Listings. Create and maintain house church/cell church listing(s).
  • Church Starting. Register yourself as an individual with a desired to start a new house church. This also allows you to search for other MyHCC users who have indicated the same desire.
  • New House Church Announcements. New house churches automatically appear in the New House Churches page.
  • Other Announcements--Yellow Pages. For those groups organizing a conference or other meetup opportunity that might be of interest to House Church Central visitors.

Who Should Sign Up?

We feel that we can offer the best service to the house church community by asking you to participate only if your beliefs are compatible with the HCDL statement and if you can affirm these basic intentions regarding your fellowship practices:

  • You meet or intend to meet in a Christ-centered, relationally-based house church.
  • You look to the New Testament church as a pattern for your fellowship.
  • You are a nurturing community centered around mutual love, accountability and shared life.
  • You cultivate and give full expression to the priesthood of all believers under the sovereign headship of Christ.
  • You model Biblical stewardship, spending resources primarily on actual ministry and missions.
  • You view your fellowship as a corporate vessel through which the Lord Jesus may fully.
  • express His life and ministry of love, truth, healing, restoration, and reconciliation.
  • Your understanding of church is the fellowship of individuals, not the building in which they meet.
  • You do not regard the presence of an "ordained" individual as being essential for a full worship experience to take place.
I have read the "Who Should Sign Up?" section above and affirm that my beliefs are compatible with the views expressed there.
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Use the form to create your personal MyHCC Account. For your own privacy, choose a unique password with random letters and numbers and save it in a safe place. Passwords are encrypted before being stored for your safety.

Privacy Issues: Striking a Balance

Embracing any part of technology to help the Christian community must be done carefully--especially in a place as public as the Internet. People who have taken the risk of listing their churches have occasionally been spammed with unwanted e-mail, for example. We think we now have a way to deal with such problems as these.

When you list a church in the Directory, all of your personal contact inforamtion, including your e-mail address, is kept private unless you deliberately include that information in the listing itself. When an individual finds your listing and wants to contact you, they do so on a reply form that sends that message to you from this server, without revealing your address to the respondent. When you receive such a reply, it is up to you to decide what to do next. You may choose to do nothing at all.

Similarly, if you wish to use MyHCC as an aid to locating like-minded believers in your area who might be willing to gather and start a new house church, your contact information is protected in exactly the same way. And signing up does not obligate you to be included in this feature at all--you may decide to subscribe or not to subscribe at any time by logging in and changing the appropriate option.

If you have problems with the Directory, feel free to contact one of the volunteers at the right for help: