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How to Search

Use any combination of fields in your search. It is often sufficient to just supply the city or county, using the state and/or country only to remove ambiguities (such as which "Kansas City" you are looking for).

Important.Leading or trailing spaces or text can frustrate a search. Use the per-cent symbol before, after, or both before and after your entry as a wildcard to prevent this problem. "%York" or "New%" or "%York%quot; will find "New York"). You may also use the _ symbol to wildcard characters (e.g, "gr_y" will find both "Gray" and "Grey").

Counties. Often a city search is too narrow. Try searching for a county name. (If your region uses "parishes," "shires," etc., consider them "counties" for search purposes.

Case. Searches are case-insensitive.

Who is HCDL?

HCDL is not a denomination, a federation, or a closed network. We come from all different religious backgrounds and are not connected by any organization or association. We do, however, hold to the major and essential tenets of the Christian faith, such as the Deity of Jesus Christ, His bodily resurrection, etc. In short, we are simply brothers and sisters in Christ who share a common vision regarding the local assembly. If you hold a different belief system, you probably won't find what you are looking for here (and, alternatively, the people who are listed here won't want to find you).

This registry is the result of the combined efforts and resources of the

Many house church enthusiasts--both seekers and hosts--have requested some solution to the problem of finding an existing house church. This page is intended to provide a solution to that problem by listing house churches searchable by location.

Please note that not all house churches desire a public listing, especially one that lists such details as addresses, telephone numbers, and meeting times. This registry provides a compromise by narrowing the structured part of each listing no further than to the name of the city. We have asked each listing church to provide some descriptive information, however. You can request additional details by contacting the contact person designated by each house church.

If you are looking for a home church or a NT fellowship that holds to the essential tenents of the Christian faith, you might find one on this list. However, despite our efforts, we cannot guarantee that all the groups that appear on this list are sound in their theology. Consequently, the mere appearance of a church on this directory does not mean that we endorse it. The responsibility to judge and evaluate each group rests upon you.

Add a New Church to the Directory

The procedure for adding a new church begins by clicking the "My HCC" button, above. Read the material carefully and, if you agree to the conditions set forth, enter your e-mail address and a password and register.

Log into My HCC and follow the instructions for entering your listing(s). You will be able to edit or delete your listing at any time by logging in again.

Can't Find a House Church in the Directory?

Consider starting one!

One way to contact like-minded believers in your area is to open a My HCC account on this server. You will be able to select an option there that allows others in your areas to find you and/or you to find them. Click the My HCC button for details.

The Rules

Please remember that the purpose of the HCC/HCDL Directory is to help people locate fellowships in their area. Any other use is prohibited. Especially, please do not use the Directory as a source of e-mail addresses. No matter how important you think your product, prophecies, spiritual insights, or whatever might be, do not use this directory as a means of advertising or distribution.

Help Desk

If you lose your password or have other problems with the Directory, feel free to contact one of the volunteers at the right for help: