Giving to House Church Central
by Herb Drake

Those who feel led to share in the expenses of this ministry are welcome.

Please be aware of the following policies:

  1. The purpose of House Church Central (HCC) is to promote small Christian fellowships of gathered people as in Matthew 18:20 and who therefore seek ways to appropriately restore the worship and mission style of the first century church. It does not matter whether those fellowships are independent home churches, cell groups who locate their worship center in the cell, or any other small fellowship that meets this criteria.
  2. HCC is not affiliated with any denomination or para-church ministry.
  3. HCC is not registered with the Internal Revenue service as a 501c charitable organization, so gifts to this ministry are not tax deductible. The reason for this is entirely theological--we do not want any strings to any government agency. This ministry strives to serve Christ, not Caesar.
  4. The names of contributors will be held in confidence.
  5. The "books" at HCC are open. Click here for a statement of revenues and expenses. These include only out of pocket expense and not my own time, which is my gift to the ministry.
  6. Individuals are never solicited to give to HCC. If the ministry pleases God and serves his purpose, he will use his saints to support it. As support grows, the ministry grows; as support diminishes, the ministry diminishes.

While my own labors on behalf of HCC are pro bono, gifts to offset the expenses are gratefully accepted. Checks should be made payable to "Herb Drake" and sent to:

Herb Drake
40 Pikes Peak Drive
San Rafael, CA 94903

Participants in the HCC ministry are entitled to access to its web statistics.