Footnotes, Chapter 6g
Kierkegaard and Radical Discipleship: A New Perspective (Eller)

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In Dru’s and in Rohde’s selections from Kierkegaard’s journals, the number identifies an entry rather than a page; the date following is that of the particular entry.

1. Training in Christianity, 42.

2. The fact that this title is worded in the third person may indicate that it was contributed by the publisher rather than the author himself; it is accurate in any case.

3. Michael Frantz, op.cit., stanzas 1, 76, 93, respectively [my trans.-VE.].

4. Sauer Junior (presumably), in Geirdiche Magazien, Series I, No. 27, c. 1765, 143 [my trans.-V.E.].

5. Niebuhr's remark is quoted on the dust jackets of the Princeton University Press editions of Philosophical Fragments and Authonty and Revelation.

6. The Sickness unto Death, 164. Cf. Works of Love, 331-32.

7. "Our Salvation Is Now Nearer ..." (Pt. III, Discourse 5) in Christian Discourses, 222.

8. Purity of Heart, 51.