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Web Statistics

Summary by Month

The table at the right shows activity by month. Note that "hits" are not indicated, as they give an inflated and somewhat useless figure of merit. This is because each graphic on a page (inluding backgrounds) counts as a "hit." If you must know the hit count for HCC, multiply the page count by 2.5 and you will come pretty close.

Detailed Analysis

For a details on web use, see the recent article detailing a 98 day study.

Daily Statistics

House Church Central was moved to a new server during the last week of December, 2000. Statistics on the new server are calculated daily and are availble here but exclude MyHCC transactions because those are on a separate host with SSL capability. The monthly totals on this page differ somewhat for that reason.


*The "visits" column gives an approximation of the number of visitors during the given month, each visit counting once regardless of the number of pages viewed during the visit. It is not a reliable statistic because it depends on the hit count for a single page feature and assumes that page to cache once it is served once. Since browsers differ on the lifetime of their cache, it only a rough guideline. Visitor accuracy improved after July, 1998, with more powerful software that evaluates usage logs.

**A "page view" comprises a single downloaded document, no matter how simple or complex it might be. Many pages contain graphics, Java classes, etc., but these are not counted when calculating pages served.

MonthVisits*Page Views**
Jan 971690
Feb 97122699
Mar 97226796
Apr 973952657
May 972742435
Jun 972401801
Jul 972962152
Aug 973682766
Sep 972443376
Oct 976116146
Nov 9771510528
Dec 976688460
Jan 9894810455
Feb 98108011645
Mar 9892113022
Apr 98105413226
May 98103610987
Jun 98102013835
Jul 98333115085
Aug 98643827993
Sep 98425616457
Oct 98497415748
Nov 98438816337
Dec 98411416543
Jan 99563123795
Feb 99786531384
Mar 991197346723
Apr 99659527775
May 99712225914
Jun 99631525240
Jul 99707926132
Aug 99836530082
Sep 99863929750
Oct 99932433221
Nov 99863231020
Dec 99841428901
Jan 001019735525
Feb 001037537459
Mar 001125739560
Apr 00914636964
May 00986035867
Jun 00916935391
Jul 00961836801
Aug 00897234190
Sep 00985536933
Oct 001205440684
Nov 001255341180
Dec 001188846065
Jan 01977234066
Feb 01890032292
Mar 01956534955
Apr 011093642712
May 011301365820
Jun 011080842380
Jul 011143041156
Aug 011151543506
Sep 011242345996
Oct 011329045696
Nov 011313244177
Dec 011417947564
Jan 021507357483
Feb 021472356243
Mar 021694567701
Apr 021699466786
May 021605957481
Jun 021417862241
Jul 021534074333
Aug 021644957175
Sep 022072862886
Oct 022001267728
Nov 022141071744
Dec 021846887476
Jan 032172178880
Feb 031952963964